About Harrison

When singer/songwriter Harrison Nida was a kid pushing his longboard around the hills of Northern California, listening to Blink 182, Nirvana, and Weezer, he never imagined his life would end up 3000 miles away in New York City on the cusp of releasing his debut EP, Harrison. But that is exactly where he is.

harrisonHarrison, his first release, is a collection of six songs funded by his army of fans through Kickstarter. This surge of support powered him to become financially and mentally driven to record, feeding his tenacity in the studio.

While many people are infatuated with his boyish charm, Harrison’s free spirit and love of excitement is what makes him a thrill to be around. From cracking jokes to randomly sliding down a rail to the subway, his tasteful anarchism gives you the feeling that anything can happen. This stems from Harrison’s obsession with adrenaline, which is fostered through riding motorcycles, skateboards, snowboards, and anything else he can get his hands on. His somewhat reckless behavior creates an electric environment, making his shows dynamic and intimate.

As an artist, Harrison has incredibly diverse influences and fields of training. From his start and classical training in choir singing to Jazz to his garage bands, his music is seen as alternative because of the blending of influences to make new sounds, although his foundation in 90′s alternative rock is apparent. The 22-year old Fordham senior will graduate with a major in Music and a minor in Business Administration, a degree perfectly suited for his future in the industry.

Harrison, with a magnetic personality and obvious intelligence, admits that he wanted to make a record that was both smart and fun, adding that his desire is really to deliver music that is simple but thought provoking.

For those that have heard his first offering to the music world, it is clear that he achieved his objective.