April 16, 2014 | Blog

I literally just finished listening to the last edit of the last track of the EP. Before I tell you my experience listening to it, let me provide some background of what’s been going on. Mastering has been the most difficult experience by far. It was the least hands on, I never met the engineer who mastered it, and I know the least about it. People kept telling me that all mastering did was raise the volume of the music, but when I listened to it the tones had changed. The one song that had the most trouble was Alienist. I was the only person who could hear these problems, which led me to doubt my sanity. I also knew that, for the most part, people would not be listening to it in soundproof headphones, but on their apple earbuds or on their laptop speakers. But, basking in my new found OCD, I decided it had to be perfect. The mastering engineer has been amazing. I have been incredibly specific, and she sends a draft each time that fits my description exactly. It took so long because I would hear something new each time and sometimes struggled with how to describe or explain something. One of the tools that she told me to do was to give very vague descriptions, even if they were just a feeling. I’m sure she did not understand the implications of having said this to a musician from northern California, but I have one of my vague descriptions here for your pleasure:

“It just got dark while you were hiking in the woods by yourself. It’s that time where there isn’t any color in the sky, but it isn’t fully dark yet either, and the moon is full and very bright. You come across a pond, with crystal clear water and a mist covering it… if you could make it sound like water drops it would be perfect.”

Are you done laughing? No, me neither.

But, it worked. I’ve been so focused on making this song perfect that I haven’t been able to appreciate how amazing it sounds. When I go the email, I calmly (for once) downloaded the file and played it. The ridiculous description I gave is portrayed perfectly. I can’t believe how she captured it, but if you could hear the before and after it’s absolutely incredible. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear it for yourselves. I felt my eyes involuntarily closed, and my mind felt warm, circling around my head as I experienced what I knew was the last draft. I’ve only felt like this one other time, and it was prescribed to alleviate intense post-surgical pain. After so much anxiety, doubt, and fear, it is everything I wanted it to be, as close to the ideal form that every artist tries to reach with their work as physically possible. I think that all of the songs we did are incredible, but a few of them do seem to be closer to the ideal form than others. Once you get to listen to them, I would love to hear your thoughts, whether it’s which songs you like the sound of, the concept of, etc. I still feel the effects of listening to them just half an hour ago.

On a more practical note, many of you are asking about the release, and what can be done to help to market it. First, I have to thank you again for continuously supporting me, even after raising the goal and before being able to hear the EP. Unfortunately, there is no release date for the first single. We were trying to get it ready to be released now, but there were some complications that have made that impossible. I will post a short update on the release as soon as I know when it will be.

Here is what I’m working on now. I still need to do some other marketing and PR objectives before I can release. The way that I have been advised to release is by doing it in stages. The talks are now to do four singles before releasing the full EP. That may sound ridiculous, but it is important to get the most amount of buzz before releasing all of the material I have. If enough traction is generated, there are opportunities that may become available to me that wouldn’t be otherwise.

I’ve also been building up social media sites, and have been pretty successful so far. These are great, because they connect me to people and allow us to interact. One of the best things you can help me is to build followings on these platforms, and reference me on them. The more I use them, the more I like them. Twitter has put me in touch with some incredible people, and it’s been a great way to interact. As you tweet your thoughts and take pictures of your pets, every once in awhile if you would tell people about me I’d really appreciate it! Please follow me @harrisonnida on twitter and instagram, and be sure to tag me!

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