A New Era

May 21, 2014 | Blog

For 18 years I have been studying. Even though I rarely thought of myself as a “student”, and just saw school as something I needed to do in order to move on, it made a huge impact in my life. It taught me how to understand the workings of a modern civilization through english, math and science, gave me the ability to question and reason, and provided a foundation for which to see the world. When I walked at Fordham’s graduation ceremony last week I felt reminiscent, since this was the place that took me in, gave me New York City, and helped shape me into who I am today. However, I also felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. I don’t like school. I’m so glad I did it, and the knowledge I’ve learned from my classes has helped me everyday (for the most part), but the actual ritual of “cram, regurgitate, repeat” was exhausting, and made it hard to focus on my music. This week, I had my first Monday at “work”. I put “work” in quotations because it doesn’t feel like a job, but I call it that because it really is. Sometimes I forget that I am running a business since what I am doing is so fun. Now that school is over, fewer tasks will slip through the cracks, more songs will be written, more videos recorded, and tours will be played. Part of me will always miss school, mostly since it is a symbol of youth to me, and represents a time with fewer responsibilities. ┬áBut I could not be more excited to pull this new string and see where music has taken me. I’ve barely tugged yet, and so far it has taken me around the world doing things I’d have never dreamed of, so hopefully it continues to exceed expectations.

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