TRiP 9/9/16

Show time: Sep 09, 2016 at 21:00

The days are getting shorter. There is a fleeting warmth as the wind brings a crisp chill of autumn. Yet before the great city of Los Angeles retreats into a heavy hibernation to overcome the bleak and heavy cold, we must rage ONE LAST NIGHT!! Let loose in the infatuous booze garden of TRiP in Santa Monica, to the electric thrills of Harrison Nida and his ruffian crew of debauchery!! As if there wasn’t reason enough to attend such a sublime event of beauty and awe, we have BRAND NEW SONGS that will be recorded shortly after, which will give you BRAGGING RIGHTS over all of your friends!!!! Drink to summer, dance to the grooves, and develop your hipster “I heard them first” speech!! It’s too big to miss!!

$10 gets you a wonderful night you will never forget and a copy of the EP!! If you already have it, then a poster or credit towards a shirt!!